Active tourism routes on wheels, along the Alava plain
Active tourism routes on wheels, along the Alava plain

And now that the holidays are over... it’s time to go back home and to the daily routine, but with our New Year’s resolutions in your pocket. It is also time to miss everyone we have met, to leave behind lived moments (good and bad), and continue with our projects already undertaken or why not? For many others, starting again from 0.

Just as we are filled with nostalgia, so is the expectation of knowing how many changes are coming? Good or bad? How will they affect us? And how many things can happen in the same year!

Luckily, you will always have us here, to try to make those changes more bearable and working to improve your experience, creating new services for you. ¡ Because your satisfaction is our priority!

Let’s review then the services with which we finished this 2023, all of them open 24 hours, as they are, the free parking with video surveillance, so that you do not have to look for site after a long trip; laundry to go home with everything clean and ready to store in the closet; our shop, for those last minute purchases; gas station to feed the car before your trip; and our latest services, such as bike rental and free gym. Because we want you to feel at home and that the quality of your trip is optimal, no matter where you come from or where you go. Remember, we were, are and will be here!

And above all, now that the time of polvorones, roscones and Christmas meals without stopping, and we have to return to routine and good habits, we recommend you to know the surroundings of our beloved Llanada Alavesa, place that stands out for its beautiful tourist resources, with our rental bikes. So, if you are a fan of active tourism, we offer you the opportunity to do it in an ecological and healthy way and discover hidden corners and live unique experiences during your vacation.

And for this, we leave you a very interesting route that leaves our hotel and that you can do in half a day. However, upon arrival at the hotel, we will be able to provide you with more information if you wish, both about the operation of bike rental and routes through the area. In addition, in the following link, you can see in detail the route also from Google Maps: SUGGESTED ROUTE.


Iturbaz labyrinth - 14.4 km (1h 17m) from the hotel.
- Katarri labyrinth (Sierra de Entzia) - 750m (2 minutes) from Laberinto de Iturbaz, returning back to the main road.
- Arco De Zalamportillo or Laberinto De Arno - 12 meters (1 min) from Katarri labyrinth, returning again to the main road and heading east by another road.
- Parking Igorita (Natural Park Sierra de Entzia) - 3.4 km (10 min) returning to the main road, 1.6 km to the east and then 1.8 km turning left.
- Cromlech Mendiluze - 2.9 km (10 min), from the Igorita car park, returning to the main road.
- Cascadas de la Tobería - 1.3 km (5 min) from Cromlech Mendiluze
- Return to the hotel from Cascadas de la tobería - 21.5 km (1 h 40 min) back on the main road, taking the same way back.

At the Hotel Andamur San Román, we believe that the adventure is just a few pedals away and we are here to convince you of it.

So, don’t think any more, discover everything our environment can offer you.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure on wheels!