Laundry box
Laundry box

Are you going to stay several days and don’t want to carry the whole wardrobe?

Do you travel for work and need to wash your clothes daily?

Would you like to come home with clean clothes and avoid spending the day putting in washing machines while trying to overcome post-vacation syndrome?

We have a tailor-made solution to these problems!

Today we want to tell you that we have a laundry box open 24h 365 days a year, in which you yourself can leave your clothes clean and dry in less than an hour.

The Box is located outside the building, in the parking lot of the station, 4 steps from the reception.

We have washing machines of different sizes with prices from 4,50€ and drying machines from 2€. On these prices, you can get a discount if you use the Fresh card for payment. You can buy it and recharge it in the same laundry box and you can use it in all the GIRBAU laundries that you will find at different points nationwide. Payment and activation of services can be made directly in the Box, paying in cash, credit/debit card or discount card Fresh.

And finally, tell you that do not need to put soap or softener because is already included in the service. Your clothes will be clean and soft and will smell great!!  

If you want more information about it, do not hesitate at ask at reception, we will be happy to solve all your doubts and help you in whatever you need!