Poteo for Agurain/Salvatierra
Poteo for Agurain/Salvatierra

Do you know the typical expression of our area of "Go poteo"?

In the area of Navarre and the Basque Country it is very common to go out to take some wines or "pots" and/or tapas touring the different bars of an area or town, such as Salvatierra (or Agurain in euskera), a village just 7km from our hotel and with about 5000 inhabitants in the plain Alavesa.

Salvatierra also has several natural attractions in its surroundings: dolmens, castles, caves and hundreds of trails, and architectural jewels, such as its Church Fortress of San Juan Bautista or its historic quarter.

Let’s go back to its old town... How would you like to know it walking through its streets between walls with the perfect excuse of having some wines and pintxos? Every Friday, the "pintxo-pote" takes place in Salvatierra, it is then the best day to enjoy that alley, because with each "pot" you order, the waiter serves you a pintxo/tapa included in the price of the drink.

To provide you with the location of the best bars in Salvatierra to have a drink, peck and do not walk for nothing, we leave you next a very interesting route.

Enjoy and give, as we say here, "Topa egin".

Interesting information about the bar route:
Interesting information about the bar route:

A - BAR MENDÍBIL (in the church square, good views, good pintxos and good attention).
B- OTXOA TABERNA (mythical bar of the group "la polla records" bar for rock and beer lovers).
C- JAI ALAI (friendly treatment, variety of pintxos and good music).
D- HERRIKO TABERNA ("the tavern of the village", local typical of Euskal Herria, variety of pintxos, good snacks with typical products of the area and good atmosphere).
E- JOSE MARI "EL GORDO" (wide local, typical food of the area, varied and rich).
F- ORTZI TABERNA (breweries, varied and well-prepared pintxos, large terrace, good music and good treatment).