The perfect balance between body and mind
The perfect balance between body and mind

Stress is the main cause of diseases of our body along with sedentarism.  

Did you know the benefits of doing sports for your body and mind? Do you want to combat stress and also improve your physical appearance? Or just enjoy the energy and vitality that sports gives you?   

Now is your time!  

Our hotel, offers you a gym of the most complete and equipped, and the best: It is free! So, you won’t have to worry about parking your routine, if you are a regular athlete, or if, on the contrary, it is not something routine for you, you can encourage yourself to try Maybe you like it!  

You can use the dumbbells, if weight training is your thing or elastic bands if you prefer, for maintenance exercises or combine either, with a good cardio (to attack those pounds we catch, when we are away from home), either running or on a static bike.  

In any case, as you well know sport is health! So wake up, enjoy a good cup of coffee in one of our premium rooms and to the action.  

Your body and mind will connect in perfect harmony and make your day more bearable, do you dare?.