Gastronomic Christmas Andamur
Gastronomic Christmas Andamur

There are those who wait all year for Christmas, because it is time for gifts, food, see family and friends, and enjoy cities and towns, full of magic and lights, which become fairy tale places. But there are also those misnamed "Grinch", who hate Christmas; because it is also time to remember those who are gone, spend money left and right, and juggle so that no one spends a Christmas alone.

What we have clear in Andamur, is that we want you to be HAPPY, especially at this time of year. That is why this year we offer you the possibility to remember your trip through the Basque Country with a Christmas basket of the most special (or if you prefer, even stop thinking more about that gift that brings you head to head for the invisible friend and buy it as a gift).

They are very KM0 baskets, very gastronomic and to enjoy with family and/ or friends. One of them offers you the possibility to make your own talos at home, with a prescription included, to not miss any step. 

And you’ll say what are talos? A famous and typical dish of the area, with a dough based on corn flour with which tortillas are prepared (similar to Colombian or Venezuelan arepas) that are typically filled with chistorra, chorizo, bacon, blood sausage or similar and are accompanied by our famous Txakoli (traditional Basque white wine, perhaps a perfect blend between the white wine we all know and cider? We will let you judge that yourself) and some good gildas (pintxo or typical Basque appetizer).

Talos also have a lot of history among Basque families. And it is that, some years ago, in some of them were quite a delicacy, of those that are prepared only for special occasions. Nowadays, you can find it in the stalls of the streets of the village festivals, probably with a long line of people waiting to try that traditional and humble delicacy recipe.

Although, in this case, instead of waiting for that long queue and spend cold, you will have to put down to work in the kitchen, where among all, from the smallest to the oldest, you can prepare the corn tortilla with the filling that you like. In the meantime, to warm up, we’ll have to start with the txakoli and the gildas, right?

It makes your mouth water, right? If you already got the talo bug, call us and we send you one of our baskets. If, on the other hand, you are going to stay with us this December, stop by reception to see them and find out.

With each basket, you will also get some discounts for your next stay in our hotel and in activities in the area. What more can you ask for?

For our part, we only have to wish you a very happy and gastronomic Christmas!